Cultivating Possibilities

"When an idea crystallizes with vivid detail, it transcends mere thought. This clarity marks it as a compelling vision, one that demands to be brought to life and fully explored in all its magnificent potential.  "
-Gloria Govan
Founder / President

Cultivating Possibilities

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RLNTLSS Brands is a complete agency that handles brand management throughout the entire process, from cultivation to consumption. We’re your partner for celebrity brands, retail collaborations, and business development within and beyond the  sector.

Whoopi Goldberg:

Pioneering The Stars & Breaking Glass Ceilings:

The iconic actress, comedian and activist opens up about her trailblazing acting roles, the importance of strong black women in society, and her new cannabis brand, Emma & Clyde.“ All of these women have this in common: a passion for the plant and a drive to normalize it, a commitment to creating a better world, and a promise to pass down these characteristics to their children.”

Gloria Govan

“Shaping the NBA’s Historic Narrative”

In the world of sports and entertainment, our founder Gloria Govan is making history. She recently hosted the inaugural and Celebrity basketball game in Phoenix, Arizona, right before an NBA game. This event not only added to diversity and inclusion both on and off the court, but also showcased Gloria’s pioneering spirit.

Gloria Govan’s journey to success is truly inspiring. It proves that a woman of color can thrive in various fields and leave a lasting impact for future generations. Her achievements serve as a beacon of inspiration for those who aspire to dream big and shatter conventional limits.

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