Our Vision

Positioned at the nexus of the cannabis industry, the trailblazers Klutch LA Management has created limitless opportunities for the license holders, cultivators, brands, manufacturers, and investors, who shape the popular industry.  As the trailblazers of the industry Klutch LA Management has created an ever-widening scope of services and businesses. 

With a passion matched only by that of our clients, Klutch LA is committed to crafting precedent-setting deals and building new brands and businesses driven by our clients’ ideas, interests, and opportunities.

With a global network of employees and strategic partners in North America, Europe, Micronesia, and beyond, Klutch LA taps its unequaled internal and external ecosystem of experts, relationships, access, and industry intelligence to help ensure that our clients achieve their goals

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We Offer Comprehensive Brand Licensing, Cannabis Consulting, Management, and Product Solutions for the regulated cannabis